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White Nancy Mosaic


Living in Bollington for 10 years, I fell in love with local icon, White Nancy.  Build to commemmorate the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 as a summer house, she stands proud on Kerridge Hill, with stunning views as a reward for the steep walk up to her.


I created a mosaic in the shape of White Nancy for my home and as we were installing it, a neighbour was passing and asked me to make one for their house. Since then, Bollington is peppered with White Nancy mosaic house numbers, created by myself.


Now living on the Isle of Man, I am living close to another folly, Milner's Tower in Port Erin. I think there's a theme brewing!


With family still living in Macclesfield, I still get to feel like I'm 'home' when I see White Nancy and am delighted to still be able to create these popular house numbers to order.


So, a little about the process. I cut White Nancy from cement backer board which is then decorated with frost proof, UVA proof vitreous glass. Each tesserae (tile) is hand cut, to size, before fixing with exterior grade adhesive. Once dry, I then grout - twice! Finally, I check for any sharp pieces, which I will file away before adding a grout sealant.


As each mosaic is created entirely by hand, sizes are approximate and each mosaic is unique and created with care.


You may wish to have your mosaic just as a decoration (which is fine, many people do and will have it in the house) or if you do want a brass number included, just tell me your number in the 'Custom Text' section.  Up to 2 brass numbers are included in the price, unless you choose the 30 cm size, in which case up to 3 can be chosen.


Please also choose your grout colour - if you leave this section blank, I will choose for you.


As each mosaic is created to order (apart from rare stock items which have been produced as samples) please allow for up to two weeks, to enable me to make it for you.

17 cm high White Nancy Mosaic with Brass or Chrome number

  • My White Nancy mosaics are designed for use outside.  They are extremely easy to put up.


    You will need to use a suitable adhesive, such as 'Geocell, The Works' or 'Evo-stick, Sticks Like 'S*&t' - white.'


    Use a wire brush to clean the bricks or stone surface you are going to fix your mosaic on to. Squeeze dots, the size of peas, all over the back of your mosaic.  Try not to go too close to the edge otherwise the glue will squeeze out too much (but don't worry if you do - don't try to wipe it, just leave it and cut the excess away with a sharp knife when it is dry) then press into place, firmly, then hold for a moment or two.


    If you prefer to screw your mosiac in to place, please let me know and I'll create holes in your mosaic to facilitate that.

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