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Thank you for looking at my online shop.  As each item is individually hand crafted (I don't use moulds - except for slumping into bowls - but if I decided to use any in the future, I would describe them as mould made.

If you can get into the studio to choose your item, all the better, as you can choose your favourite. If you cannot, I'll choose from the items I have in stock but please note that they may not be the same as in the photograph shown.

Surprisingly, my pieces travel very well. In fact they've gone all over the World! They are all well annealed and I wrap them in tissue, before placing in a box and sometimes a bubble wrap envelope.  I try to be as eco-conscious as I can but have yet to find safer alternative to posting glass so I ask you please recycle any packaging if you can. Some charity shops will gladly accept this kind of packaging, too.

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