These Manx 3 Legs of Man Mosaic kits have been developed by Debra with a grant from Culture Vannin.

During lockdown, Debra wanted to facilitate creative therapy activities for her students despite being unable to deliver actual workshops.

You get to choose whether you make the mosaic and keep it or send it to Debra so she can incorporate it into a community mosaic. The community mosaic will be exhibited once the pandemic is under control and we can all celebrate in groups again.However, we really hope that you would like to have your mosaic included in a bigger community piece, by sending your completed mosaic in.

This two legs of man pack enables you to make one for yourself and send one in to us.

Please note that it may take up to a week for us to get your kit out to yo and that we cannot guarantee you will get the exact same tesserae as shown in the pictures as we may need to substitute if we run out of stock of certain shapesThis kit includes:

2 x wooden 3 Legs of Man shape (approx 15cm)

1 x bottle of PVA glue

2 x wooden knives

1 x bag of glass tesserae to fix to the wooden shapes

1 x 70g bag of grout

1 x handout

1 x activity wordsearch

1 x thank you token

2 x claim form for £5 voucher, on return of completed mosaic

Debra has developed some video tutorials online to help you.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Free shipping for the Isle of Man was possible due to the grant from Culture Vannin, for the community mosaic. If you intend to contribute a completed mosaic to the community project, please contact me prior to purchase and I will give you a code for free shipping.

Manx 3 Legs of Man Mosaic Kit -2 pieces

Colour for 1st mosaic
Colour for 2nd Mosaic
  • We are sorry but we can only accept unopened boxes during the pandemic.

    If you open your kit and find there are items missing, please let us know and we will send the missing items out to you.

    If you are returning your COMPLETED mosaic for inclusion into the community mosaic, please remember to include your completed form to ensure you get your £5 voucher.

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