I made these light catchers for the Manx Queer Artisan fair, that my niece is organising. As a strong LGBTQ+ ally I wanted not only to produce something that people would want but something that was affordable.  I also will be donating £5 from each sale to the Manx Youth Pride community (£5 from each single £15 sale and £5 from each £25 (buy 2 for £25 deal) sale). 


Everything I make is hand made. Everything I make is individually made. There some time saving methods I can use from time to time but mostly I don't use them. The reason being that I truly put my heart and soul into each piece. I am mindful, when making each piece. Each piece is original and unique, just like the recipient.


These Trans colours light catchers are hand cut and created using 6 pieces of glass. Did you know that real good is used in the pink to give it its colour!? 

They are approximately 8 cm x 2 cm. I add a nichrome wire so that they can be hung. I have one on my key ring but they can be hung in a window, off a tree branch - wherever you choose but please avoid a very windy placement.


You will receive 2 light catchers. Please choose your combination.





LGBTQ+ Buy 2 for £25 Light Catcher