Glass Manx Seal Pup


Living on the Isle of Man gives me plenty of inspiration but none so cute as the seal pups that can be seen around the coastline.  I like to visit the Sound near the Calf of Man and watch the seals and their antics.


Each of the 11 pieces of glass used to create my seal pups, is cut and shaped by hand, before being assembled, with a nichrome hook, prior to being kiln fired to around 780C in my specialist glass kiln.


You just wouldn't believe how tiny the pieces of glass are that I use for the little noses! And as each piece is applied by hand, there are no two seals that are exactly alike. 


Perfect to hang from a tree, your window, your bed post or even to string from a piece of driftwood with some of my other glass pieces, I hope my glass seal pup with give you years of joy.

Glass Seal Pup

  • These glorious glass seal pups, are cute as buttons! Created with 11 hand cut pieces of coloured glass, once I'm happy with the shapes, they are then assembled, with a nichrome wire hook, prior to being kiln fired to around 780 C. 


    This sale is for one glass decoration.