This Creative Therapy Kit is suitable for absolute beginners. Ideal for parent and child working together or as a care home craft.The kit has been put together with the environment in mind so no unnecessary plastic (the plastic bags used are biodegradable) and the plastic bottles may be returned and refilled or recycled.The aim of the kit is to introduce you to the beautiful art of silk painting whilst giving you something creative to do which may help with your well being.The kits are out together with materials used during my creative therapy workshops.With the current Covid -18 crisis, I am unable to deliver my workshops in the community but wanted to  offer those needing respite from boredom, an opportunity to create something at home.My usual approach is to reuse and recycle where possible and I try to incorporate this in all my kits.The designs are not my own as these are pre-gutta’d silks. You will be able to create 4 different silk pictures (3 floral and 1 creature) randomly selected, to display in a double sided card mount, suitable for hanging in a window.I will be producing a video to support the kits very soon so please keep in touch to find out more about them. An important point about the current silk kits - due to the situation with the virus, I was able to secure some bottles but the supplier had sold out of appropriate lids. They also stopped selling the very next day so the bottles are not the ideal. There is a very good chance that there may be some leakage from one or more of the bottles. I have had several packs laid on one side for over a week, as a test, with just one having leaked. The paints will be double bagged in biodegradable bags and I would suggest that if you do find a bottle has leaked, please wipe down with a tissue and keep upright. If you purchase a kit, it with the understanding that this may be an occurrence.

Creative Therapy kit - Silk Painting


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